Friday, August 31, 2007

Mvelopes Budgeting Tools

I have been introduced to a new budgeting tool and I'm really loving it. It seems to have quite a following already. It's called Mvelopes Personal. Mvelopes is a personal budgeting tool like Quicken, only a thousand times better. You put together an online home budget, track all your spending, and always know exactly how much you have left to spend. Frugal familes know that budgeting is key. Tracking where your money is going helps you eliminate the expenses that you should not have and make better choices. You can take a tour of Mvelopes Personal and see what you think. They have a FREE debt calculator you can use and a financial fitness quiz with 25 simple multiple choice financial questions that tells you how financially fit you really are. There is a FREE 30 day trial to try out their budgeting and see what you think.

You can also download a FREE budgeting E-book from them to read called Money4Life. It's a great read for anyone getting into the business of budgeting for thier families, and if you're not the first chapter is enough to make you want to start.