Friday, September 7, 2007

Tips For Using Coupons

Using coupons can be a great way to save money on the things you need. But in the excitement of saving money some people can use coupons and end up spending more than they planned. How? It is all in the fine print.

Coupons often have limits put on them. Where you can use them, how many items you can buy, and if you can use them on with other sales are some of the limitations that companies can tack onto their coupons. Not knowing these limits can sometimes end up costing you more. Before you go shopping take the time to review what limits are on your coupons and decide if they will really help you. Saving a few cents off a frequently purchased item may seem great, unless you have to drive out of the way to use it or you can only use the coupon with the purchase of a product you do not normally buy.

Also always be sure that the coupons you are using have not expired. Some may last months while others may have a usage time of a few days or weeks. Taking a stack of coupons to the counter only to discover that half of them are out date is not only embarrassing it can also cost you if you are shopping with limited funds.

Before you go shopping take some time to check you coupons. It can save you time and money.