Monday, October 22, 2007

Get Crafty This Holiday Season

Christmas season can wipe any frugal person out, and put some in debt. Buying gifts for everyone on your list, especially if your list is long, makes even the cheapest tightwad sweat. Who has hundreds of dollars to spend on some electronic toy that will be uncool by next year? Not me, that's for certain!

Making your own gifts can easily save you money and time. Putting together the perfect present crafted by your own hands is such a warm feeling, unlike the feeling you get after spending hours in a crowded mall. And knowing that you can make everyone happy without breaking the bank gives a warm glow too. But what can you make that everyone will love?

Head over to Creative Mom Cafe! All during the month of November a different craft project will be displayed each day. Each one will be perfect to give as a gift, and easy to make no matter how un-crafty you may be. Be sure to bookmark the site to subscribe to the feed to keep up with all the great crafty, and frugal, ideas!

30 Gifts in 30 days