Monday, October 1, 2007

Shopping the Clearance Rack

clearance rackI'm the queen of the clearance rack. At least in my own mind I am. Buying clothes on sale is great, but when they slash the prices to get them out of there then you can start finding some real bargains. And the best time to hunt through the clearance rack? Right as the seasons change.

Now that autumn has taken over the local clothing stores are desperate to get rid of all the summer attire that is still hanging around. And I am more than happy to help them out. Over the weekend I found two new baseball caps for my sons, marked down to $1.50 each. And they are adjustable so I know they can still be worn next summer. I also found for myself three new short sleeved shirts for $3 each that I can wear next year.

With children it can be a bit harder trying to buy out of season clothing in hopes of wearing them next year. Children are still growing, and often they grow in unpredictable rates. Will there be a growth spurt over the winter? Will they suddenly slim down or bulk up? It's hard to tell. If the outfit is really too cute to pass and at a great deal I'll often go for it. If I find out next year that it does not fit I don't have to call it a bust. I can often get my money back by reselling it at a consignment shop or in a garage sale, especially if the price was really right.

If you want more tips on saving money clothing shopping I found this great article over at Life Tips Daily on How to save money on clothing.


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